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Slutty Types

Posted by Davy Brion on October 11th, 2009

Slutty Types are types which:

  • give you access to their privates without too many difficulties
  • don’t really care about your intentions, or if they do, aren’t very clear on that
  • occasionally seem like a good short-term fix
  • can be used in a variety of ways, with different outcomes and none of them are guaranteed
  • can not to be trusted
  • really need to be tested
  • will burn you sooner or later if you’re not careful
  • become even more of a mess during the aging process

Feel free to add to the list :)

23 Responses to “Slutty Types”

  1. Jef Claes Says:

    The first one is great!

  2. Me Says:

    isn’t concerned about whether members are protected or not

  3. Lee Brandt Says:

    When you DO use them you feel guilty and a little paranoid about health issues afterward

  4. Danny Says:

    At least a slutty type will make your member function.

  5. Davy Brion Says:


    only in the short term ;)

  6. Ryan Roberts Says:

    In before you get accused of being the reason there are so few women in the profession.

    They are likely to be involved simultaneously in many concerns
    They may well have confusing multi part names

  7. Brad Abrams Says:

    I love it.. gotta put this in the next Framework Design Guidelines!

  8. kilfour Says:

    Look cheap at first, but end up costing you a lot of money.

  9. Jack Says:

    I’m a starter to Slutty Types, hope to known more about it.

  10. Trumpi Says:

    n. Gets mocked a lot by friend assemblies??

  11. Stefan V Says:

    Tend to create a code smell

  12. den Ben Says:

    when they expose something interesting, it is definitely some type of string

  13. W.Meints Says:

    Slutty types never seem to demand any permission before using them.

  14. Robbie Coleman Says:

    if not properly sealed, they are bound to pass on problems to all inheritors

  15. Gaurav Patel Says:

    Slutty Types almost always have an open interface and prefer multiple inheritance.

  16. noah Says:

    slutty types are sometimes referred to as ‘loose’

    you don’t want to find yourself checking out a slutty type

    slutty types have a hard time looking at their own reflection (ehh…)

  17. Davy Brion Says:

    slutty types have a different view on what ‘class’ means

  18. kilfour Says:

    Slutty Types hide their real intentions.

  19. Tim Says:

    Are thread safe… can handle multiple users simultaneously

  20. kilfour Says:

    Slutty types aren’t thread safe. They handle multiple users, but tend to avoid any kind of protection.

  21. Davy Brion Says:

    hehe… they deal with multiple consumers without proper locking!

  22. Gibbo Says:

    Are normally flat and often expose only simple types.

  23. Davy Brion Says:

    oh i’ve seen some well rounded ones that made you deal with quite a few complex structures ;)

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